HELP! MTD VAT How do I change the 'date' for a VAT return?


I purchased a small  business in 2017 and then registered for VAT, Using SAGE software and doing the VAT returns.  It seems I have a problem with the VAT RETURNS

I am unable to 'backdate' the VAT 

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    Good afternoon Adrian,

    Apologies in the delay coming back to you, in regards to VAT returns have these been completed already but not in Sage and you wanting them also on Sage? or have they never been filed?

    If they have never been filed and you are completing a return under MTD the dates are provided by HMRC and they provide the next period automatically.

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    Can you tell me how to add the old VAT return which has been filed to HMRC to Sageone Cloud accounting?. I took over the client half way through the year. and the previous accountant has prepared the first VAT return. I re-input all the transactions from the previous VAT but I wont be able to create old VAT return. Please advise.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    As i have spoken to you tonight in regards to this issue i hope this is now resolved for you. If not please get back in touch.


    David Marshall

    Sage UKI