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Has anyone else noticed that the new reporting option throws up lots of errors when producing sub reports from the P&L or Balance Sheet. When you run a report it can bring up duplicate entries. I have contacted Sage on three occasions about this but had nothing back from them. Today was on a chat but at 5pm it logged me out and closed the chat screen which I found most annoying. Would be good to know others have noticed this and it is not just me that has this issue. It does this also from running sales reports, so if you have a sales invoice with multiple lines it duplicates the value of the first line by the amount of lines on the invoice which can make it majorly out in value. If I revert back to the old reporting style this does not happen, so have to keep to that reporting option for now. 

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    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    I'm sorry to read about the problems you've run into, but I'd like to try and take this forward to see if we can resolve things for you.

    When you refer to the new reports, is this "smart reporting" that you're referring to? If you could give me any examples of the error messages you've encountered and which reports you were running at the time that would be really helpful.

    If you can provide any screenshots that would be really useful too, if you prefer you can message any shots to me rather than publishing in the forum.


    Sage UKI

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    Hi Andy,

    Yes it is the new style report in Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When you run a new report such as the P&L, you can click on various figures to run sub-reports, this is where the problem lies. It then returns a report with duplicated entries, I believe this to be where you have multiple lines on a sales invoice, such as line 1 £1000, line 2 £300.00 and line 3 £200, this would total an invoice to £1500.00 but the report is adding together three lines of £1000 making the total for that invoice £3000. It is not just with sales, it happens with the VAT reports too. I believe this may be a technical error in the programming.  Just wondered if going forward if Sage were firstly aware of this issue and if they have a team working on correcting this. as in the meantime I cannot use these new style reports as they are just not accurate and return lots of errors with the calculations.

    Best Regards


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    Just to add, I tried to message you but it says I am not allowed to message you