• Sales receipt where fees inc. VAT have already been deducted - How to record this?

    How do I record a sales receipt where fees (inc. VAT) have already been deducted? I would like to record the fees and VAT that was charged to us in addition to the cash receipt.Can I use a journal for the fees and associated VAT?

  • BOM - stock control

    Hello, after speaking with a Sage representative I would like to push an idea forward.

    Bill of materials, if you add a 'sub product' as a BOM, the stock only updates on the primary product and not the sub product. This means that staff still have to take…

  • Customer deposits

    For a wedding catering & hire business, we quote a customer sometimes 18-24 months before the event and a deposit is required to secure the date before the full final package is known. At the moment, I am generating a deposit request from outside Sage…

  • New customer problem

    Hi. I have signed up today and thought I was doing OK. But somewhere I have messed everything up. Is it possible to reset everything to zero so that I can start again?


  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting : Refunds in more than one part for partially paid sales invoices

    I have some refunds to enter in two parts ie the refunds will take place at 2 different dates.

    The initial invoice was either paid in full or partially paid by the customers.

    This is what I have done so far:

    1. Invoice raised for £500 for Accommodation…

  • Quotation to Invoice

    Hi All

    We have manually created and issued a couple of Invoices on Sage One before realising that there were Quotations available to Create the Invoice from. Is there a way of allocating these Quotes as won without creating another invoice?

    This is merely…

  • Invoice and Payment matching; variance on payment due to contra charges

    I raise an invoice to a customer and receive payments into a linked Bank Account and want to match them. However the payment is always less than the Gross Invoice figure as I pay a management fee which varies dependant on the customers value add to the…

  • Tracking sales


    I was wondering if anybody has any insight on how Sage tracks products sold etc? We are using the products/services for the first time and are struggling to understand how Sage will know what is sold and when? Is that something you have to enter…

  • Changing the Number of Decimal Places in Sage

    Hi Everyone,

    Please help me with the following issue. I am working for the oak flooring  trading company. 

    We sell oak flooring and boards. In order to raice an invoice in M3 I need to use three decimal places and I cannot find how to edit or change the…