Sub codes in FRSLTD accounts

With the fairly large number of codes available in any given range such as direct costs or establishment expenses etc one can imagine for many companies this will give sufficient scope for all the lines one would like to have appearing in the accounts - I'm focussing here on what will appear in the detailed profit and loss account going to HMRC and to the client.

For management reporting and data control purposes one might well want greater detail on the TB and we can use subcodes such as 61.01 Purchases dept A, 61.02 Purchase dept B et seq but when it comes to the actual Detailed P&L for the client at the end of the year (and indeed that same detailed P&L being in the accounts going to HMRC) we'd want those aggregated to just one line Purchases for the total of everything in code 61 so as to produce a report which is meaningful and intelligible.

When we had SUBLTD that exactly what happened - on the TB we had full details of subcodes and in the detailed P&L we had the aggregation but now (I guess from when it changed to FRSLTD) that is no longer the case and the detailed P&L now shows all your dirty laundry ie each subcode.

Wouldn't it have been useful to have had a ROP giving that choice rather than changing the way it work completely?

We have an option to show a breakdown of turnover - I know those are codes not subcodes and the purpose is not quite the same but it's a very similar principal. With the great number of option available through ROPs, the absence of this one seems sad and surely one that could have been easily addressed giving the best of both worlds to everyone but unless I'm mistaken there is no such no ROP.

I wasn't aiming to write this in an open forum but was wanting to ask this as a support or software suggestion matter ... and this is the place to which I was directed. I hope it's the appropriate place.

  • Hi Barry, 

    Thankyou for your feedback. We are continuously looking for ways we can improve our products to benefit our customers, so any feedback for improvements is always appreciated. I have passed your request onto the development team for investigation.

    In the meantime, if there are any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know. 

    Kind Regards,