ROPs - suggestions for changes

Would it be possible to give more options in the following ROP:

Include firms name on the cover page > to allow this to be set to full accounts only.  Therefore, meaning it does not appear on filleted accounts for Companies House and more specifically audit exempt filleted accounts.

  • Hi Jane,


    Thank you for your suggestion. It’s good to hear ideas that will solve everyday problems for you.

    I’ve looked into the ROP you’ve mentioned and although it does have options for ‘all accounts’, ‘audited accounts only’ or no inclusion at all, the scenario you describe isn’t covered.

    I’ve added the proposed solution to our backlog to be prioritised for our next release.


    I’ll keep you posted,


    (SAPA compliance analyst)

  • Hi Jane, 

    I'm happy to say your suggestion was included in our latest update, SAPA 2020, which has been available to update to since May. 

    We amended the options available for rop.acc.a.nam "Include firms name on the cover page" so they are now:

    All Accounts - the information will always be on the cover page regardless of accounts settings/type.

    Audited accounts only - the information won't appear on any cover page if an audit exemption has been applied.

    Full accounts only (new) - the information will only appear on the full 'members' accounts and not on the filleted set of accounts prepared for Companies House.

    No - the information will never appear on the cover page.

    We hope you find this useful and thank you again for the suggestion.

    Kind regards,