Track your employees' holidays with Sage 50 Payroll

With the summer holidays fast approaching, make sure you plan and keep track of your employees holidays and their entitlement.

Almost all employees who work under an employment contract are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. We refer to this as annual leave or statutory leave entitlement. Employers can include bank holidays as part of the entitlement.

For a full time employee who works 5 days a week, this works out as 28 days paid annual leave per year.

You can find further information from HMRC.

In Sage 50 Payroll you can set up a holiday scheme to help you keep an accurate record of the holidays each of your employees have booked and taken.

Set up a holiday scheme

When you set up your scheme, there are a few things you need to do: 

  1. Enter your company holiday start date
  2. Choose the relevant national holidays
  3. Enter your holiday scheme settings
  4. Assign the holiday scheme to your employees.

You can then start to record the holidays they've booked and taken.  

Watch our video below on how to set up schemes and keep track of your employees' holidays or read more about it >

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  • Unfortunately, there is no means within the Holiday module of keeping track of Lieu Days in Hand and thereafter Lieu Days Taken (which would need to be offset from the ones in hand (worked) in the same manner as holiday days accrued. This has been a Huge Niggle for many years now.