Gross to Net Report with Deductions Showing (Post Update)


Is there are post-update Historical report that functions in the same way as the pre-update 'Cost Centre Analysis Gross to Net'  i.e. shows the deductions?

Without this the post update reports don't balance back to the NET without that extra column!

I only ask now as our new auditors have asked for it and are not happy that we don't have one report showing the full movement!


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    Hi Gary,

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    I notice this query hasn't had a community response.

    There isn't a post update report with identical data here. However, we have a handy alternatives to pre update reports guide which provides possible post update alternatives to pre update reports. 

    The recommended post update alternative in this case is the Payment Summary History Part 1 by Date, which you can find in the Employee category of the Reports section.

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    John Howells
    Sage UKI