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Free Live Webinar - Year End Part 1 - Install and Prepare - Recording available

In this webinar, we explain how to install your software update and prepare for a successful year end.

This session has now taken place but you can catch up with a recording below: 

View slides for this session:

PYE Part 1 - Install and Prepare (1).pdf

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Question Answer
When does the update become mandatory? It will be mandatory from 9th March.
If someone is on hold in March would you not need to update them to be included on the final fps? No, as HMRC will have been informed that the employee is on hold when you first place them on hold, the final FPS is no different to any other FPS your year end submission is the final submission you make which explains to HMRC that you have submitted all of your pay periods for the year.
Will the pension rate update as well or we have to update manually ? There are no planned pension rate increases for automatic enrolment currently. If you need to update pension contributions you will need to do this manually.
What should I do with an employee who has been on long term sick for over a year. SSP has run out, he's unfit to be able to return to work but is still receiving a Zero payslip every month. You would need to mark this employee as On Hold which will mean that you do not have to produce a £0 payslip for him every pay period. 
When is the best time to action year end our submission date will be 24/3/2023 so after this date? You should complete your year end submission after completing all your periods for the 22/23 tax year. If this is the 24/3/23, you can complete the submission after you have done your final FPS for that period. You have until 19th April to complete your year end submission.
I have two payrolls normal and IR35 off payroll will the update do both as on Sage together? I have two payrolls normal and IR35 off payroll will the update do both as on Sage together?
How does a business claim back SSP payments? I thought automatically through weekly FPS submissions. SSP payments cannot be reclaimed from HMRC. For other statutory payments, you would need to submit an EPS once a month.
We pay the last day of the month when would I do mine? You can do this anytime between sending your last FPS for the tax year, but before the final submission deadline of 19 April 2023.