Deleting transactions in SAGE

A bookkeeper told me that they don't delete transactions in Sage. Instead they post a correcting journal to rectify. I think it is because they feel deleted transactions tend to generate questions about why it was deleted. 

Whereas I tend to just edit the transaction if I have input it wrong initially as this seems the quicker and easier way of posting. Obviously this leaves me with a lot of deleted transactions in my audit trail if I am amending a key field.

Which approach would people recommend? 

Thank you

  • Hi Jo,

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    Sorry for the delayed reply to your question. 

    We don't really have a recommended approach, when it comes to deleting transactions. 

    It is really what ever method you (and your accountant) would prefer in the program. Overall the corrections for the transactions would have the same impact. 

    If a transaction is deleted or edited - when the changes are posted, it will post a transaction in the audit trail. This helps to identify which transactions have been changed, and they can be compared to identify what has been amended on a transaction. 

    If Journals are used, the would also leave transactions in the audit trail - to identify what sort of correction has been made. 

    Overall, both correction methods will have the same overall effect. Possibly the biggest difference is time taken, if you edit or delete a transaction it would be a slightly quicker process then having to post a new transaction. 

    Hope this helps!

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  • I would agree with you and edit the original transaction. The trouble with journaling it out is that the journal might well be missed if you have lots of transactions, so someone else comes along and sees the incorrect transaction and corrects it again, not realising there's a journal.

    Sage automatically cross references the new transaction if you've edited something, whereas a manual journal won't.