Support Waiting Times

Having been a Customer since version 2 of Sage 50, I can't believe that the Customer Service - particularly the length of time required to get through is still as bad. It is absolutely appalling.

I tried on three occasions yesterday, 1) after 5 minutes on the phone was told waiting time 2-25 mins. Second time, different route, got through after about 10 mins - spent 30 minutes on phone including much of it on hold only to be told couldn't help and could transfer me to the back of the other queue. That waiting time was 10 mins I was told. Suggested I called back after 17:00 - I did - after about 5 minutes I learned the queue was 40-45 minutes. So I try this morning, 08:40 after a while I learn I'm 16th in the queue - so that I guess is 30-40 minutes, so I hung up.

Sage is an expensive option these days - my accountant and web designers both suggest I move to other platforms like Kashflow, Quickbooks and Xero, for better and cheaper service. I don't want to - but Sage - you are pushing me away.

For non critical matters, why can't we leave details and have people call us back, for example?

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Sorry for the wait to get through to us recently. As well as phone support you can: 

    Our Live Q&A and Web Chat services are designed for non-critical queries.

    You can find more about the different support options we offer and how to access them here.


    Sage UKI

  • I have had, from memory, five User names linked via Sagedrive, plus my accountant. Suddenly I only have one of each.

    Your team said that we only have 1+1 but she can see that the loyalty team had extended this and I need to get through to them to re-instigate it - easier said than done!!

    Sagedrive was sold to me as a way of making Sage50 work for us as a cloud solution when we were considering moving to a new platform. It was pretty poor to start with but have to say it has become more reliable. However it is expensive.

    How can I discuss this online?

  • Ok, thanks Jeff.

    We’ll need to check your account to see which of your usernames are currently active and what has happened to your other usernames and if we can reactivate them.

    We’ll be able to do this for you over Web Chat, which offers 1-2-1 real time support. There’s currently a wait of less than 5 minutes to get through to our Sage 50cloud Accounts web chat queue. If required, our Sage 50cloud Accounts web chat support team can transfer you to our Loyalty web chat team, who can investigate your licence issue further. 

    If this has answered your question please click More > Verify Answer.


    Sage UKI

  • Don't know what others think, but I talk faster and can explain more easily on the phone. Seems a cop-out to me. I will try it when I have time - but have wasted so much time already- and I'm trying to run a business!