VAT after No Deal Brexit

We currently use Tax codes T0 to import and export goods to ROW, T4 to export goods to EC & T7 to import goods from EC.

We pay VAT on goods brought in from ROW, we have no deferment account.

After a No Deal Brixit, according to HMRC we should use 'Postponed Vat Accounting' to avoid paying VAT on imports from the EC and account for the VAT through our VAT return.

Some HMRC articles I have read imply that post-prexit the VAT we currently pay when importing from ROW will also be accounted for using PVA so will not need to pay this at customs clearance, although I am not clear that this is the case.

Is Sage already set up to deal with PVA and which tax codes should we use?

Also do we still need to complete EC Sales list and Intrastat?