Random customers not receiving invoices via email

I have been notified by several of my customers that they have not received my invoices which are sent by email.

It is not all of my customers and appears to be random which is baffling me.

We did a sage upgrade for sending VAT so don't know if it was a glitch in the upgrade but cant see a new upgrade to rectify any glitches!

  • We've also been having this issue and having delved into this with one of our customers, they were receiving emails up until June 2021, but since July 2021 they have not received invoices or statements from us. What we have further noticed is that on all emails generated from sage that have an attachment the email is tagged with a notification saying please treat this as private. This is odd because standard emails generated from within outlook that have an attachment do not contain this message, however all sage generated emails with an attachment do. My suspicion is that this is part of the problem. Furthermore when testing this with a customer we sent the same email to multiple email addresses in his organisation and to his [email protected] email nothing was received, but to his own works email it was.

    So my thought process is that either our emails are being flagged as Spam/junk, although there is no record of them in the junk/spam folder on our customers side

    Or when sage generates the email to outlook, it is attaching this message to the email.

    Having spent over 3+ hours on the phone to sage trying to get to the bottom of this, then end result (from them) was that it was an outlook problem! However i fully believe that this is a Sage problem and i don't feel that i've got the support from Sage i need in resolving this.

    I really don't know what to do next but it feels like we need to somehow tag our emails as genuine and not spam.

  • having exactly the same issue Adam! I'm with gmail and been on with them today on sages advise and google say theres nothing wrong with the email side of it, but they can't check sage, but Sage just seem to want to blame it on email provider rather than look into it further. 

  • Starting last Thursday we've had problems at work with all our invoices being bounced by the recipient mail servers; resending them (from the sent folder) they appear to have got through (well haven't bounced).

    In our system they end up in drafts and we manually send them from there.

    We've also recently upgraded our Sage...

    On a slightly different note (but possibly linked), a charity I have connections with has had problems over the last 2 or 3 weekends in sending emails to members - some have bounced/been delayed in transit.  One week it was all bt internet addresses, another it was outlook addresses - this latter due to "IP reputation"...I checked the "IP reputation" of our mail server and outlook, and ours came back "Fine - no spam", whereas outlook came back "Risky - often used to send spam"...clearly it was the "IP Reputation" of the recipient server that was causing the issue...

    The charity also has problems receiving invoices from someone as their email address [block] has been blacklisted (on a list used by our email host) due to spam - this is even before our incoming email filters (at the email provider) get a chance to allow it through.

    It is frustrating that email hosts do spam filtering but fail to let final (savvy) users have full control over that filtering, especially when they stop legitimate emails but fail to stop spam - for my personal email I have set my host to let everything through and I filter it.  (Having an email domain I give everyone a different email address to send to so I can easily spot spam leaks (and know who to blame, even if they deny it) and random account spams.)

    I'm wondering if a few blacklists have been recently "updated" disrupting legitimate emails, particularly if they're now being classed as spam and quietly dropped.

    Perhaps there is something in the attachments or design of the emails that Sage generates that causing a Bayesian spam trigger?

  • It might be worth changing the subject and file name of the email generated by Sage.

    Report Designer - change the email subject and filename (sage.com)

    I'd also update the body of text that goes out with it too

    How to change the email body text of a document (sage.com)

    Certainly worth a test, it may be that something within the subject / body or file name is no longer passing the spam filter.

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