• Delete nominal codes during company set up

    I'm in the middle of setting up the company for the first time and I’ve been working on the nominal accounts and used the set provided as the basis for adding in ours. There are a number of nominal accounts on there that we don’t need but I can’t delete…

  • Sage 200 Upgrade - User must be member of Admins group

    Evening Folks

    ( you might be able to help me on this one hopefully)

    Bit of an oddball one haven't come across it before, running a Sage 200 upgrade and at the point of entering the credentials for the Sage Service accounts I'm getting the message…

  • make template emails send as part of the authorisation process editable to make them more usefull

    As part of the authorisation process an email detailing the order lines is sent, to the relevant persons, in the authorisation process. 

    but this includes completed lines, lines that are completed shouldn't have to be authorised. 

    there are no due…

  • Consolidating with exchange rates

    So, I have boggled my mind for far too long on this now. and still being relatively new to all this, I need help. have looked at the Consolidation in the Sage help and it's confusing me a bit.

    I have followed as much as possible. Consolidated the…

  • Can you exclude stock items from MRP?

    When running MRP I know you can run for a specified range of product codes or a product group.

    What if you want to exclude specific items from MRP is there a flag you can set at item level to exclude?

  • SOP_Order_Delivery_Address Dropshipping customers

    Telephone number and Email are not included in the SAGE API, SOP_Order_Delivery_Address. I think that is interesting enabling these fileds as a lot of customers are doing dropshipping and dleivery address is always different. 

    For example if you want…

  • Keep item details/data entered if changing item code

    In the same manner that sometimes an order is placed on the incorrect customer code and we can use 'Copy Order' to change to a different customer, sometimes an incorrect item code is used. We list our items individually to capture additional data in the…

  • Ability to cancel multiple works orders at once

    Currently works orders can only be cancelled one at a time - need the ability to cancel mutiple works order en masse either from the sales order they are linked to or within the works order list.

  • Report Designer - Distribute and Extend

    With the report designer, can we have 2 more options for laying out objects? Can we have "distribute" which works with 3 or more objects and evenly distributes the objects between the first and last object's anchor points?  As per Visual…

  • Sage 200 Manufacturing - Standard Cost Variance on Works Order Operations

    Hi - When posting operation costs to a Works Order that make the actual completed costs different to the standard cost of the finished item can anyone suggest the best way to identify these variances? It seems they just get posted to the balance sheet…

  • Project title and total daily hours in timesheet entry, copy and paste new P/O number, fuzzy search


    I work on lots of different projects each day and presently have to keep a spreasheet to translate project titles into Sage project codes because these aren't shown on our company timesheet entry screen. Having the project titles shown would save…

  • Report Designer - Sage 200 online - Conditional printing not working

    I have got a text box setup on the footer of the  SOP invoice layout.

    if I set single condition - say  print if the Account currency is USD  other wise suppress print  - then this works

    If however I set multiple conditions - print id Currency is USD or GBP…

  • Sage 200cloud Professional edition roadmap

    Hi - I can review the roadmap here https://my.sage.co.uk/public/help.aspx#/roadmap/sage-200 but I can not see what planned release dates in next 6-12 months for Sage 200cloud Professional edition roadmap. Where may I find this please?

  • Business Partner User

    Add the ability to flag one of the user accounts as 'Business Partner' or 'Support' which doesn't use a licence and always allows the user to login. 

    When providing support/projects/assistance with a customer, it is common to end up…

  • Sage 200c SQL View Question

    I am trying to create a SQL view that shows the order details from the SOPOrderReturn table, the email address on the order (if not using invoice address) from the SOPDocDelAddress table, and the main email address for the account (for use when there…

  • Bank Feeds Bank Transfer In / Out

    Would be a useful addition to Bank Feeds to have the ability to "Add Transaction of Type" Bank Transfer In & Bank Transfer Out to reflect what's available on the Bank Reconciliation screen.

  • Sage 200c Sales Order Entry - Manually enter the BOM revision and have sage check against the actual revision and flag up if there is a difference?


    Is there a way within sage 200c sales order entry to manually enter the BOM revision and have sage check against the actual revision and flag up if there is a difference?
    This is to prevent sales order entry mistakes where the revision isn't checked…

  • Report designer error message when trying to apply a filter

    The report could not be generated.

    No applicable method 'StartsWith' exists in type 'DynamicClass13'

    I'm using a modified zero value order lines report to get invoice item descriptions and their respective invoice numbers into columns…

  • SMTP Server settings


    I have Sage 200c Professional set up on a remote desktop server and this scenario, which i can't imagine is too uncommon:

    2 companies: Company A & Company B.

    One accountant, and they do the accounts for both companies.

    When they're logged…

  • Sage 200cloud Professional 2020 roadmap


    Where may I be able to get an expected 2020 roadmap outline for Sage 200cloud Professional please: How many releases are expected during 2020 and estimated release date for each?

  • Report Designer - Only show transactions that are due on statement

    I am trying to create a reminder letter based on the default 'Statements and Advice (Single)' layout in Sage 200 report designer. At the moment the statement layout shows all unallocated transactions whether they're due or not. 

    What I need…

  • Save and retain code in POP record invoice function restored

    Within POP, record purchase invoices, there is the option at the bottom of the screen to save and retain the account code - but we are unable to access this - I believe this is because the same screen is used for entering invoices through Purchase ledger…

  • POP Record purchase invoices option to Save and Retain code

    Within POP Record purchase invoices there is an option at the bottom of the screen to Save and Retain code - but it is greyed out and we cannot access it?

    There is the same option within P/L when recording manual invoices and this works ok. Unfortunately…

  • Write off incomplete orders within POP are there any disadvantages

    When using Write off incomplete orders within POP are there any disadvantages / negatives?

    We have issues with Suppliers short delivering goods against purchase orders, leaving outstanding orders on the p/o system. As most of our short delivered P/o's are…

  • EDI integration

    I'm a distributor looking for an EDI tool to integrate with Sage 200c that can handle UK retail customer orders and invoice delivery. Does anyone have any experience with tools that would do this?