• When error printing invoice, duplicate sales transactions and missing a/r entry.

    We periodically have errors when printing invoices using BV 2019.  When this happens, we have to reprint the invoice to get a paper copy for the customer.

    After the error, the system will typically have a sales transaction and relieve inventory, but not…

  • Customers receiving .dat files instead of .pdf when emailing invoices

    I have a client that's using v2018 and has invoice emailing via setup via the systems settings to go through BV. It has been working great since the update to cut Outlook out of the equation, but recently some customers have started receiving their invoices…

  • Invoice line shows N/C for lot price items

    We have clients who are charged lot pricing, but have multiple invoice lines to outline the scope of the work done. Currently when I invoice, the lines that don't show the price come out as N/C (no charge), and the lot price is at the bottom item line…

  • Customer fax number

    Does anyone have the method to add a customers fax number to the invoice?

    It does not appear within the customer field.

  • Business Vision 7.53 - Error 000002 - GL.btr - also fails when rebuilding

    So I had a some power issues last week on the server, fixed that but it seems GL.BTR is corrupt.
     (i think)

    Basically cant post invoices.

    The error is in GL.BTR

    Tried this: