• Cost of Goods Sold & Cost of Goods Produced

    We manufacture goods, however, I don't keep stock of raw materials and create Bills of Material, as they are quickly turned into finished products.  For our accounting purposes, we post goods produced as follows:

    Inventory # debit

    Cost of Goods Produced…

  • Kit Items invoicing

    Is there anyway we can invoice the kit item WITHOUT all the parts - eg sell a car but not a whole lot of parts?

  • Modify Serial Numbers at Order Entry?

    We would like to use the Serial Number system in BV but it seems to be lacking any flexibility to really make it usable.

    We are not entering Serial Numbers upon receipt. They would be entered during the order process

    Here is our process:
    Customer Service…

  • Receiving items and updating inventory levels prior to receiving invoice for PO

    Current setup:

    1. Items are ordered via PO.  I.e. Order 50 x Product 0 , Order 50 x Product 1, Order 50 x Product 2.
    2. Order arrives. 
    3. Two weeks later the invoice arrives. 

    When we typically receive a PO in it's entirety or in stages (i.e. partial shipments…

  • Customer Specific Pricing Levels and Quantity Breaks

    We have customer specific pricing levels setup.  Additionally, for some of our product line we also offer qty breaks.  

    Current procedure:  

    • Customer A is at Pricing Level 2 (which has a 10% increase on prices compared to Pricing Level 1)
    • Customer A purchases…
  • Set up and using Budgets and Forecasts

    Is there anyone who knows of a tutorial online or someone who can assist with the budgeting and forecasting for Business Vision Standard 2017?

  • Order Entry Comments

    Currently using Business Vision 2017

    This only happens when my item detail page is full.

    If the item detail page is full and I enter a new inventory item it automatically advances to the next line allowing me to enter a new code or comment.

    If the item…

  • Would anyone else utilize a feature that would take items out of inventory and add them to a job.

    Im sure we are not the only company out there that uses inventory items internally and then bills them to a job. I would like to see a feature that you can start a Job, and then add inventory items to the job. This would be beneficial for companys that…

  • Using Server as Workstation in Peer to Peer Network

    What are the possible problems with login on to BV on our server instead of our workstations?  We have regular occasions where we logon to the server to process AR & AP transactions and to receive PO's.  I've read that its not recommended to use…