• Can't seem to print an invoice, get error messages

    We use Business Vision. I can't seem to print an invoice, get error messages. Also can't get into the report designer. Error comes up as sbe error. We are not using the microsoft 365. can some one help. thanks

  • Reports

    I am looking to purchase a business that is using Business Visions. I am trying to get a listing of their current inventory with Description, QOH, Cost, Last Purchased, Last Sold. The owner can not seem to provide this report. How can we achieve our goal…

  • Print hours on paystubs

    Hello,  We are using Sage Businessvision. 

    BC Employment Standards says we must show the hours worked for Salaried employees.   There is no place to enter the hours for Salary staff so how do I enter the hours so that it prints on the paystub?

  • Payroll Report

    After the July 2021 payroll update one user is experiencing the loss of payroll reports. Any advise would be appreciated. 

  • Saving Changes to existing "find" report

    I have previously created a find report under sales analysis.  I have named and saved it.  Since then I have made additional changes to what is exported to excel, but I can't seem to save the changes.

    Anyone know I can resave this report?

  • Unable to reprint invoice from View Invoice Details in Accounts Receivable

    In BV 2019, an invoice was created and printed.

    We want to re-print that same invoice.

    So we go to Accounts Receivable

    Select the customer and then select the invoice in question.

    We click the View Invoice button to see the View Invoice Screen.

    But the…

  • YTD Vacation Pay

    Is there a way to add the YTD vacation pay to the direct deposit slips?

  • Paycheck printed as employee detail file

    Happy New Year!

    We recently upgraded to Business Vision 2019, payroll rate table 2021.  Today when we print paycheck, it printed the Employee Detail file instead.  We checked under File --> Printer Setup --> Print Properties --> Paycheck, and it is pointing…

  • Auto Generate A Purchase Order

    I am having a problem with some of the products in my inventory NOT populating in the Auto Generate a Purchase Order Function.

    These same products ARE showing up in my Re-Order by Vendor report.

    The Vendor IS set up.

    The O/H inventory IS below the ROP…

  • Reports -top 10 vendors this year....

    I need a report  for top 10 vendors- I got the report in "Vendor" but I am not sure if the report is based on calendar year or fiscal year. Below is the question that I have to answer to our Accountant, 

    1. We need a summary of vendor purchases…
  • Has anyone ever had a labor hour estimate report double the estimated hours you entered?

    On my Labor Cost/Labor Hours report it is doubling the estimated entered hours for one specific job and I cannot figure out why.  It has not done this on any other job, past or present.

  • Invoice - do not want certain items that we charge the customer showing up in the sales report

    We charge certain import charges to our customer and we do not want them to show up in the sales report.  It throws our sales off.

    Since they are actually not a sale item.

    They are going to the correct G/L, but they show up on the sales report.

    Need your…

  • Statement Envelopes

    Can anyone recommend an envelope size that fits the account statements?

  • Committed and Back-ordered Inventory Report Errors

    There is an error in the committed and back-ordered inventory report that causes it to list the same item multiple times for the same order number for some orders which makes the report useless.  What it is doing is that if there is more than one ship…

  • Real Time Data Reporting

    We are trying to make it so that our customer's can see (in real time) what our inventory is on products before they order.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • 2 different style of checks

    Is it possible to be able to print two different styles of checks?

    I see where the printer will only pick up one style.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Opening balance entry that shouldn't be there.

    I have an opening balance that shows up on my trial balance but I didn't make the entry.  There is no entry showing in the GL, but an amount shows up on the trial balance. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Crystal Reports string to eliminate the leading zeros

    Does anyone have a revised Crystal Reports string to eliminate the leading zeros on an invoice and or purchase order?

  • Account Statements no longer produce negative balance statements?

    I have always produced account statements for active customers regardless of whether they owe me or I owe them or their balance is zero. BV2018 appears to only produce statements for those who owe me. The Aged Receivables report still shows all so I know…

  • multiple rates showing on paycheck when it shouldn't be

    so, sometimes paychecks are printed saying "at multiple rates" when for sure a paycheck should all be at a single rate.  We use timecard import for payroll.  Each employee can work in different areas but they should all be the same Rate for Regular…

  • AP Cheque Report

    We have just turned on the cheque printing function for the first time, and our cheques are printing with funny wording.  Instead of the line that should read "Three Hundred Dollars" it is reading "*Three*Zero*Zero* Dollars".  Logged…

  • New account statement feature broken?

    In BV2018 there are some new options to print account statements:

    Only include when:

        Current balance exceeds credit limit

        Balance is more than

        Aged balance is

    These are checkbox options, and by default none of them are checked. I had 3 clients…

  • updated to small business version.

    go to print and the old forms we used are not printing.using the old reports in the client server edition say invoice that I adjusted. worked fine in bv but now when I go to the print designer it doesn't open up or show on the screen. when I click the…

  • Exporting from Sales Analysis


    When I export from sales analysis, if searching by Order/PO the system will remember the attributes I wish to export.  

    However, the system does not remember what I wish to export when searching by invoice number.

    Can this be fixed?


  • Sales Analysis issue


    I have business vision 2017 - 7.82.  Order entry allows up to a 20 character PO number.  But, sales analysis only allows searches on PO number to use 10 character strings.

    Is there any chance that this can be fixed?