Account Statements no longer produce negative balance statements?

I have always produced account statements for active customers regardless of whether they owe me or I owe them or their balance is zero. BV2018 appears to only produce statements for those who owe me. The Aged Receivables report still shows all so I know who's missing. How do I produce these missing statements?

  • Thanks Donly. I realized after I posted that I can produce individual statements from the Customer ledger so it is workable but not ideal. But I also realized that the Aged Receivables report doesn't show the zero-balance accounts either so that's annoying.

    I don't have a Customer Care account and I doubt we're the only ones frustrated with this report so, if you could post a solution here, that would be very much appreciated!



  • Hi LydiaS 

    If you can email us your account details (email address, company name, tel...etc.) we can assist getting a resolution to you. As you recently updated your payroll in Sage BusinessVision, you must have an account with us.



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