Cannot Export to PDF or Email from Sage BusinessVision

Microsoft recently released an update for Windows 7 and 8.1 to supports Azerbaijani Manat and Georgian Lari currency symbols in Windows. This update have interfered with Crystal Reports export to PDF function and because of this you will get no result when you print a report to screen and attempt to export to PDF. Additionally when emailing invoices and other forms which are attached as PDF, doing so will generate a error 999 Operation not yet implemented. To resolve this error and restore the Crystal Report export to PDF function, uninstall Microsoft KB3102429. For more details on this Windows update please visit:

Steps to Uninstall Microsoft KB3102429

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Select Programs and Features.
  3. On the left, click View installed updates.
  4. Locate KB3102429 and uninstall this update.

Note that you may need to turn off Windows automatic updates to prevent this one update from being installed automatically by Windows once it is uninstalled.

Update - 1/26/2016

Microsoft have acknowledged that KB3102429 caused issues with Crystal Reports v9 and v10 export to PDF functionality. For more information and obtain a fix please see:

  • The update needs to be removed from workstations that runs Sage BusinessVision.

  • Ok, I tried the command line you gave me (only I removed the /quiet so I could see the results).  

    C:\Windows\System32\wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3102429 /norestart

    It told me the update wasn't installed.

    I've run this command on both the workstation (Win7) and the server (2008 Standard R2) - do I need to run it on the workstation as well?

    The problem still persists, and it's happening on two workstations (both terminal server connections) but PDF export works fine on the computer than is physically connected to the server.

    Do you have another suggestion?



  • We have several reporting of the existence of this update but somehow it is not listed as being installed. Give this a try, within your Windows 2008 R2 go to the command prompt and enter the following: C:\Windows\System32\wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3102429 /quiet /norestart

    This is the command line to remove that particular update. Also I would turn off automatic updates for Windows, if not, this update will get installed again. Let us know the outcome.

  • I have a Windows 7 computer logging into a Terminal Server 2008 R2.  Neither the workstation nor the server has these updates installed (they were installed, but we removed them).  However, I still cannot export to PDF.  What is the next step?

  • I have window 10 and do not find the above update and cannot e-mail from by sales order screen.  Any other ideas?