• Fin d'exercice

    Comment faire pour travailler sur 2 exercices financiers en même temps?  Ma fin d'année fiscale était le 31 mars 2021.  Les papiers sont chez le comptable et je veux continuer d'entrer les données d'avril 2021.  Au…

  • Database Engine Open Error

    I've been using Sage since the Simply Accounting Days. For I don't know how long that whenever I closed the app, whether I backup or not, it always returns the 'Database Engine Open Error' message. But then it will open again next time. In fact I just…

  • New 'company' recurring transactions

    I'm creating a new company based on another one. Can I import Recurring Transactions?

  • Opening shared company on home computer and being asked to start the new fiscal that was already started on the office computer

    Good morning,

    I set up Sage 50 on my home computer last week, and want to use it for the first time in this fiscal (which started April 1st). I've already opened the new fiscal at the office, but now at home I'm being asked to back up my files and open…

  • Import Recurring Transactions

    I'm using Sage 50 Pro Accounting. I just created a new company. Is there a way to import recurring transactions from another company?

  • My backups won't load - Sage 50 Pro 2019

    Hi, I have Sage 50 Pro 2019 on a PC at our office.  Since Covid 19 and I'm now working at home, we decided to move it to a laptop that I could travel with.  Our IT person downloaded the Sage on the laptop, but my backup's won't load.

    I tried…

  • Importer les Écritures de journal Paie d'un tier


    Nous venons tout juste d'implanter APD comme système de paie et je dois leur founir un exemple de fichier d'import afin d'importer (manuellement) mes écritures de journal dans Sage 50.

    Est-ce que ce type de fichier existe…

  • Matching the item when importing

    Why is sage still asking me to match the item when importing an imp file when I have checked the import/export box on the customers account file?

  • Importing Invoices with IMP file - How do I set the "Item Number" in Sage?


    I am looking to invoice out of our PSA and transfer the invoices into Sage 50 Accounting.  I have the IMP file format understood; however, have an issue regarding the Item Number needed for the Detail portion of the invoice for importing.  I do not…

  • Faulting application name: Sage50Accounting.exe, version:

    Hi all, we have one workstation on our network that had developed issues and I have not been able to track where the problem is.

    She is running Sage 50 Premium Accounting v2021.1.1

    Here is their setup. We run the data files on a Windows 2019 Standard…

  • formulaire

    Bonjour, est-ce que je peux à partir de Sage50 importer un formulaire via un gabari déjà établie sur un autre plate-forme ex word?


  • Version d'essai


    J'ai installer la version d'Essai, et je ne suis pas capable d'importer le fichier de mon client.

    C'est la même version, j'ai besoin de rentrer dedans avnat d'aller plus loin.

    Es ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'aider…

  • Importation nouvelle liste de prix


    J'essaye d'importer une nouvelle liste de prix d'un manufacturier. Ma question est la suivant :

    Existe-t-il un moyen, par logiciel ou autre, de transformer la liste du manufacturier en un fichier csv compatible avec Sage?


  • Backup and restore

    I had to delete and reinstall sage 50 pro accounting 2021 my company file is not there and I have no backup how can I start again

  • Import Export of Price List

    Hello - I have a client who currently uses Sage 50 Quantum. He wants to quickly adjust his inventory prices so I had suggested he export his Price List, make the adjustments there and then import the amended copy. When we try to import we get this error…

  • Remote Data Access

    Good Morning,  I need to understand how RDA actually works.  We are a company running Sage 50 Cloud Premium Canadian Edition.  We have 2 users for a "shared" company.

    We've discovered that you cannot save your work in multi user mode.  We see…

  • Back ups not working properly

    Prior to the latest upgrade to I used to be able to back up to a flash drive - now it takes like forever I mean forever to process and then it does nothing

    I have been able to tweak it to save it by clicking and then clicking again on the processing…

  • Fichier restauré mais impossible d'ouvrir


    Je tente de restaurer une sauvegarde et lorsque je veux ouvrir l'entreprise, le système m'indique "Impossible d'ouvrir el fichier... un fichier de données est manquant". Pourtant, mon fichier est restauré est au même endroit que mes fichiers…

  • Sage Drive

    I used to use Sage Drive to share access with the accountant, now I cannot add the updated backup to the Drive. Do I have to set up a new user directly in SAGE 50 Can. Ed.? I also used to use the Drive as an extra backup location, but I can no longer…

  • Restoring Simply Accounting 2008 from backup on new computer

    Hi.  I've been using Simply accounting 2008 on an older computer.  I just got a new computer and installed the 2008 SA but the backup file won't restore my data.  I've checked the backup file on another older computer and it is good.  When I ask…

  • Sage 50 CA installation on cloud server

    Hello Team,

    I recently migrated our Sage 50 CA from the local server to the ServerCloud (PasS). On the same cloud server, Sage 50 CA is integrated with the DispatchMate application meant for logistics management. From DispatchMate invoices are exported…

  • timesheets

    Can you import timesheets in Sage 50 Pro or do you have to have Premium or quantum?

    Does Premium use the CSV spreadsheet to import employee hours?  Sage Pro uses these spreadsheets but I cannot find any guidance on how to import them properly.


  • Export Data from Sage 50

    Does Data export work different in Canadian and US versions of Sage 50?

    In doing a help inquiry from Sage, I get a process that describes a menu choice that doesn't work in our version.

    The help file  states:

    "From the File menu, choose Select Import…

  • Won't let me start new year - Sage 2014.3 - Database error - Historical data problem


    I have been using Sage 2014.3 since well, 2014. Have had the odd issue here and there but never did. Tried to start a new fiscal year, was told it can't go forward because of a database error. I did the advanced database verification and was told…

  • Remote Data Acces error: Server is too busy right now. Try again later


    I have had some difficulty opening files on the remote access server. The most recent error message is : Server is too busy right now. Try again later. Any solutions to this error message. I can't get back into my client's file.  Please let…