Is there a way to do T4s and work in sage for year of 2020 when the back up cant be found. 2021 has already been uploaded

I cant find a back up of Sage 2020 on my computer and the program has already been updated to 2021.  I still have entries to do for 2020 and T4s to do for 2020 etc.  Is there a way 2021 can be un-done or a way to still work in the calendar year of 2020


  • I can't really tell if you are asking about the version year or the fiscal year.

    Based on the fiscal year, the program is designed to allow you to post in the current fiscal year and the previous fiscal year (no matter which year version of the program you are using).  If you have already moved your session date to 2021, you can still posted back to 2020 to finish your previous year and you can still print T4's when you are ready.

    However, you should be aware that the 2020 T4 format has changed and Sage 50 2021 is the only version that can print them properly.  There is currently a bug in the T4 printing if you released Vacation pay on cheques, so wait until the next release around the end of January before you print them.