Sales Invoice SelectPaidByType Regional / Language Issue?

I am trying to set the SelectPaidByType value to "Pay Later". This works fine on my test machines which are all in English. There is one machine where the application is deployed where "Pay Later" does not work. I believe this may be due to French Canadian language or regional settings. I change the value from "Pay Later" to "Payer plus tard", however that is not a valid value either.

Does anyone have experience deploying an application to both French and English client machines? Could the server regional / language settings be causing this error?

Here is the full error message:

SimplySDK.InvalidEntryException: The value you are attempting to set for this field is invalid.
at SimplySDK.SDKInstanceManager.HandleSDKException(Exception e)
at SimplySDK.Support.APARJournal.SelectPaidByType(String paidByTypeString)
at SimplySDK.Support.InvoiceJournal.SelectPaidByType(String paidByTypeString)