How to properly import tax information for sales invoices using .imp file

I'm trying to import sales invoices using the .imp format but I'm confused about how I should be importing the tax.

The sales invoices I'm trying to import are for a shipping order so my information is as follows:

Order No: 6000

Invoice No:6000

Entry Date: 2016-12-01

Total Amount = $480.25

The total amount is broken down into 3 line items:

  • Linehaul fee, Item # 4000, amount = $326.95
  • Service Fee, Item # 4000, amount = $98.05
  • HST, Item #2485, amount = $55.25

I was originally trying to set up the SalInvoice tag like the following but it wasn't working:

"Test company",,,"123 Test St.","","WINDSOR","ON","N8W 3P1","CAN","0000000000","","","",

I was also thinking I would need to append the tax information to the transaction option line but if I did that would my total amount in that line need to be the 480.24 - the tax? Or would I still keep the detail line for the tax?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • What you are saying here is that the sales tax should be added as a line item to item 2485.  The problem is that an item can only be linked to a revenue account, not a liability account when processing automatically.  So you will be flagged to pick an account for each invoice imported, or it will crash indicating no matching item (I can't remember right now).

    Going to the forum here and doing a search for <salinvoice> you can find a few posts with the proper format for 13%.  You must have the appropriate tax code calculation set up in your file.  See this one.