How to setup for these 2 Quebec employer contributions: health service fund (QHSF), and Commission des normes du travail (CNT)


I'm trying to setup Sage 50 so that I can track the QHSF and CNT contributions.
Upon creating the company within Sage 50, 2 accounts were automatically created related to the QHSF (2210 & 5455). Do I create manually something similar for the CNT contribution?
I also want to process the Pay Remittance within Sage 50, that I've submitted already to the Ministère du Revenu. Since the QHSF and CNT were included in the payment, I need to confirm if my guess is correct :
- since the QHSF is setup as a "Remittance Vendor" for the Ministere du Revenu, the Pay Remittance window will show it but the "amount owing" is zero. So I simply need to include manually the correct amount in the "Payment Adjustment" column?
- In the settings, if I create a new Payroll->Remittance entry for the CNT, and link the newly created accounts, I can do exactly the same thing as for the QHSF described above?
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
  •  Hi Dianelaf,

    Sage 50 automatically will track QHSF, you can change its factor from Setup > Settings > Payroll > Taxes. But the program does not have a feature to automatically calculate and track CNT contribution for now. Because it is an employer contribution the calculation needs to be embedded in the program so it does the calculaltion on each paycheque (transactions will be in the journal entry of the paycheque not in the paystub).

    For the pay remittance yes you can manually adjust from Remittance Payment screen. But when the QHSF remittance is setup it will automatically show the amount to remit. Please click on the following link to setup a remittance.

    260-20022 - How to set up Payroll Remittance

    You can also create an employer expense for CNT, it is called user defined expense in the program. That way you can then setup a remittance for that employer expense. If the contribution does not change from paycheque to paycheque there is an option to setup a fixed amount. You can manually enter the contribution payment under Paycheque screen as the  program cannot calculate it automatically. One more thing to know about the user defined expense is that there is no payroll deduction calculated on it. Please find below instructions on how to setup a user defined expense.

    260-19697 - User defined expenses in Sage 50 Canada

    Hope this could help Smile

    Thank you.