No Access to Pier Report


Even though I have the Silver Care service plan my system won't let me view the PIER report.  Sage asks me to validate my service plan, it does and thanks me for having a service plan which includes payroll, but still won't let me have access to the report - why?

Thank you,


  • Hi Wendy

    If I remember correctly there are 3 service plans. Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver is the basic service plan. Silver allows you to use the payroll module and you input manual deductions yourself, and does not automatically calculate the deductions for you. A Silver plan  does not give you access either to the PIER report, or for doing T4's. 

    The names of the plans and what they support change and from what I see there is no information available on the Sage website, just a form to e-mail someone at Sage to provide you with further information.