Can't "save as" .sfm file - changes do not appear

Hi there...

I'm hoping someone can help.  We're currently using the 2017 Sage software and we've run into a problem.

In our CDN company, we made changes to the form design on our receipt and saved it.  Since we were going to make the same changes to our USD company, we decided to simply do a "save as" from the Report & Form/Receipts options, for both printing and emailing.

However, when we opened up the newly "saved as" USD .sfm, none of the changes from the CDN form were saved.  We've tried accessing the Report & Form/receipts options through the home page of Sage, as well as through the Receipts window, and nothing has worked.  We've tried "saving as" several times, and none of them take.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi!

    Are you saving the modified files in the 'My documents' section of your drive?

  • 1) if you are using the same changes for the two companies, why are you not using the same form?  Edit once, use for both companies.

    2) even if you wish to have slightly different forms for each, then go through the Reports & Forms, Receipts settings on the company that works, make sure each setting under Printer settings and Email settings are the same for the US company as for the Canadian company.  If the form names are slightly different then use a different name in the Form box.

    MrsD said:
    we decided to simply do a "save as" from the Report & Form/Receipts options, for both printing and emailing.

    Assuming your original receipt was called CanReceipt.sfm and because there is no Save As option on this screen, I can't say whether you correctly saved the original CanReceipt.sfm with a different name.

    However, there is no reason you can't copy and change the filename in Windows Explorer and follow the instructions in #2 above.  Or go to the Canadian Company, open the Receipt in the Designer, making sure it is the correct one, then choosing File, Save As and give it a new name.  Then go back to the US Company and make sure you select it when you Browse for the path and filename in the Form box.

  • I'm saving it in the Sage folder on my drive.

    It turns out we figured out the culprit after I posted (of course).  We needed to go into the information section and change what was in the fields.  When we deleted what was in the second address line, everything popped up into place.

    Thanks for helping!