• Data import export?

    Is it possible to export\import data from Sage50 CA to 3rd party app?

    Like export Vendor once it's created?

  • What is the process to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders via uploading a .csv file?

    I am a new user of Sage 50. I am trying to figure out how to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders in Sage 50 via uploading an excel file (or CSV). Any help would be appreciated.

  • how avoid ask for item service in the timeslip importing proccess


    I'm trying to import timeslips but always ask the item service match for every employee record, is there a way to avoid this?. 

    Thanks anyway

  • RE: RBC - Download transactions into Sage 50

    Hi OFPA,

    For your information, if you need to import journal entries to Sage 50, you will need to create a text file and follow certain format. 

    Please follow the link below for the test file format.

    Importing miscellaneous transactions from a text file…