recover a file

 My computer lost all my files but I managed to recover my DSB folder but not the CAB and when I try to open my folder, I can't because it asks me for the backup folder that I no longer have,

How to do!?

  • Jean-Guy:

    To recover any Sage 50 data you must either have the .sai file and the .saj folder or a backup of the data a .cab file. If you have done any other backups they may be able to be recovered from your crashed computer or external device. If you are unable to obtain any of this data then you may have to create your company again with the help of any reporting you may have.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    I am using the pro 2007 version and when I try to open an SDB file, the following window asks me for a backup such as <
    The security file restore wizard restores the one that was saved using the emergency means>
    If I understood your answer correctly, there is nothing to be done in my case and must resign myself to losing my 8-month data.