I was trying to restore our back up data from old version (2018) to new version (2021).  But we encountered an error.

It states that "Sage 50 has found a problem in your company profile and cannot upgrade it. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-522-2722"

  • This error indicates a problem in the data set which is hindering the conversion process. The error could be as simple as two accounts having the same name. Or a little more complex being that the data integrity is out of balance. The easiest one to check first is the data integrity. Go to Maintenance/Check data integrity. If this appears to be OK I would try an advanced data check from the same menu drop down. Next in series I might even try the Advance database check but this cannot be done with a shared RDA file. You will have to stop the share first. If everything still seems to be OK I would then look for duplicate account names. Drop the CoA into excel and sort data using the account names then scan the list. If all of this proves nothing I would then call Support at the number provided. As this is an upgrade of the program from 2018 to 2021.2, if you have a subscription, there should be no cost.

    Just a few ideas to try. 

  • We have a Sage Knowledgebase article that addresses this error message, with multiple things to try in order to resolve the error. If none of those resolve the error than you may need to send the data in for repair. The article can be found here: Error "Sage 50 has found a problem in your company file and is unable to upgrade it (MySQL5.6.10)"

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