Poor performance searching inventory in invoice

Hey Everyone,

I have a customer that is having issues with Sage, and it seems like a common issue.  Forgive my ignorance in some areas, they are my only Sage customer, most of my customers use other programs for accoutning.

First their hardware setup:

They originally had just one really old desktop that Sage was installed on.  I can't remember specs off hand, but it was about 12 years old, so probably about 4GB RAM, and an original Intel Core CPU, with a 1TB HDD.  It has been slow with this computer for some time.  

They added a second computer about 6-9 months ago I think, to use Mutli User Mode.  They hosted the file on the original Desktop PC, they had issues getting it all setup, so thats when I came in.

I got multi-user mode working on the new computer, connecting to the old computer, and everything was great.  In fact it was so great, inventory searches in invoices worked at normal speed!  It was baffling to me, that this networked computer, accessing a shared company file from a mechanic HDD, was able to search inventory at normal speeds while the hosting computer was constantly freezing and slow.

I followed this guide:


On the old computer, doing everything except step 9 (as I figured that should impact both computers equally, not just one). With no luck.

I chalked it up to the old computer struggling.

So I just built them a new desktop, Ryzen 3 3200G, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, should be more than capable to run Sage, and is higher specced than their other computer that is working fine (Core i3 10-100, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD).

Get Sage setup, host the file on the new computer, and it is doing the exact same thing!  The remote accessing computer still works fine, but the new computer is still slow when entering inventory items in an invoice.

The only thing that speeds it up is either pressing the search icon beside the empty item description field, which opens up another dialog to search inventory, in this dialog things work normally.  Also I can disable the search function completely under user preferences but they do want that search to work.

It does it with either Windows Defender or Norton 360 running.

Anyone have any thoughts on what could be going on?  Why would one computer work fine while the other, brand new computer, is having issues?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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