Sage Drive 50 CAD

I had access to a clients data via Sage Drive.  I try to connect now and I get an error of Sage Drive Download has failed.  Try again later.

Please help

Thank you

Isabelle Parker

  • If you and your client are now running Sage 50 2020.2 you will have to get the client to share the data set with you. The change from Sage Drive to Remote Data Access cleared all users. In the client's file you will have to be set up as a user with name, password and email address. Then through Remote Data Access the client has to invite you to connect. An email will be sent and when you receive it you will open your Sage 50 and on the screen where you indicate which company to open, go to Connect to a Shared Company. You will only have to do this once as the next time the company will show under Select an Existing Company.