SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase() always return false


Suddenly today our software was not able to have a successful call to SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase.

Since were still running on SDK 2016.2, we decided to updated the Sage 50 “Simple Comptable” , the Connexion Manager on the server and the SDK to your latest 2017.0 version.

But I’m still having the same issue.

I have also copied your sample project to our server and the same error happened.

SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase() always return false without any error.

One more things that can help you, when I enter a wrong username and password I receive an error from the SDK OpenDatabase(). But with the proper username and password nothing. Only return false..

Can you help me please.


Nicolas Asselin

  • Hello,

    I found my problem.
    We had a capital letter configure in our username. In the SAGE 50 program it doesn’t matter if you type lowercase or uppercase, but trough the SDK it does matter.
    So if I was typing a completely wrong username I was receiving an error, but the proper username all lowercase instead of the first letter in uppercase, I was not receiving an error.