• importing Records from Accounting version

    Hi All, I have been in business since 2016 but have just recently purchase Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition and completed the Level 2 Accounting Modules e-learnings.

    My current accounting firm uses Sage - Accounting version however they will not…

  • Leashold Improvements


    Our business relocated and signed a 7 year lease. As the building required renovations before we could occupy we acquired a bank loan to cover the cost of a portion of the renos. Overall the renos were about $40,000 more than the loan received. As…

  • Sage 50 Pro previous years.

    I am using Sage 50 Pro - Canadian version. I am trying to make journal entries in July 2017 but am unable to go back that far. Could someone tell me how I can make entries in 2017?

  • Inventory General Journal Entry

    Good day, 

    I was wondering if someone could please help me with my predicament . I was asked to record inventory but i've never done it before in Sage. I understand beg + purchase - Ending = inventory. I have debited the beginning inventory and I recorded…

  • Entering Restaurant Register Sales

    Hi, I’ve recently started setting up Sage 50 for a small take out restaurant. I’m new to accounting with Sage and also for a restaurant. I’ve used quickbooks some for a different type of company where it was invoice only and we didn’t really deal with…

  • Inter-company transactions - what are the general journal entries?

    If main company EFG Inc. pays for courier services for holding company OPQ Inc., what are the general journal entries to show that OPQ Inc. now owes EFG Inc., courier fees?

    If originally for EFG Inc.:

    Dr.     5640 Courier & Postage Expense               $10.24


  • How can I make the tabbing in General Journal screen more intuitive?

    When entering a large entry (e.g. payroll), I will have several debits followed by a credit.

    In sage, when I enter the debits, the software automatically puts me in the credit column, so I have to tab back each time.  How can I make it not do this?

  • Can't figure out how to do this journal entry

    From the accountant I have this general journal entry to make:

    But as you can probably guess, I do not know how to make this entry in the General Journal since one cannot access the subledgers that way, that is, one cannot make a general journal entry…