Sage 50 SDK Canadian Edition

is there any complete example about how to create or update a customer and assign the Tax. as it seems to not be possible with the sdk and only with a direct access to Sage 50 Mysql Database


  • Hi,

    There's no reference in the dotnet help for tax properties in the customer ledger class. 

    As you say, using the SDK to directly query and update the table as in this snip from the sample looks to me, to be the only way to do it.  Anyone else?

    // Example of non query

    // Update all record to "Canada" in vendor table

    int ret = util.RunNonQuery("UPDATE tVendor SET sCountry = 'Canada'");

    Console.WriteLine("RunNonQuery(\"UPDATE tVendor SET sCountry = 'Canada'\"): " + ret + "records affected");



  • what kind of language is this?? wow this is so confusing :)

  • LaChapa, it's C#.

    I personally don't use the SDK but Randy's SQL looks good (though I think you need an extra space before "records affected" for clarity ;).  When I did look at the specs of the SDK a few years ago, I never looked close enough to see what was available in customer ledger setup but I know not all functionality we need was part of the SDK at that time.  They only seem to expose what is on the Address tab for the most part in the ARAPLedgerBase Class in the current SDK.

  •  It's a snip from the c# sample that comes with the SDK.  

    I can take no responsibility for the quality of the code, good or bad.

  • I wonder use the SDK to run queries or connect directely to the Mysql Database and do it with a SQL that most of developer would understand..And beside the example provided with the SDK there is not much example on the internet.. does anyway knows a place full of examples?

    thanks to all lads