Database Engine Open Error

I've been using Sage since the Simply Accounting Days. For I don't know how long that whenever I closed the app, whether I backup or not, it always returns the 'Database Engine Open Error' message. But then it will open again next time. In fact I just got a brand new computer, created a brand new company, in brand folders with brand new backup folders, and the same rubbish happens. Can the Sage-50 programmers tell us why?

  • Hi Sidney, 

    Thanks for reaching out. We have KB 11111 with some resolution steps to take regarding Error: "Sage 50 cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. Please see the error log for more information" when opening the file locally.

    Note that we did have a short outage around the time of your post which was resolved April 20th, notes about the degraded performance are available at when you scroll down halfway.

    Happy to follow up with Sage 50 CA support management, if this is an ongoing issue and you have a support ticket number and have already spoken to support. Let us know if you need anything further.

    Warm Regards, 

  • Thank you for your quick reply. However there is something definitely wrong with Sage 50. Please review the following:

     1) Brand new computer, brand new company created in Sage 50.

    2) After entering all the accounts and validated, I close the app, then…

    3) It asks me for a backup, good! so I create a BACKUP subfolder in the same folder of SAGE.SAI & SAGE.SAJ, enter the backup name I want.

    4) Sage says “Backup Completed”.

    5) Now here's what doesn't make sense--- Sage starts up again (I don't know why Sage restarts when I have finished closing it???)

    5) Error: "Sage 50 cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. Please see the error log for more information”..."Failed to open company..."

    What have I done wrong?

  • Hi Sidney,

    Thanks for those details. Ran them by the Sage 50 support team who advised that a 3rd party program may be interfering. Some items to check include:

    1. Can you launch the sample company without issue?
    2. does rebooting solve the issue?
    3. does a reinstall onto the local default C drive resolve the issue? KB 10405 provides clean re-install steps. Be sure to have a copy of the install for use later.*

    Recently a similar case required restoring windows on a brand new computer. The issue had to do with C++ version 2015 not being installed properly (Download and install a version of Microsoft Visual C++ 32 bit (x86) from Microsoft directly from: ).

    Regarding firewalls and program blocks, see please Steps 1 to 4 on: How to get Windows to trust Sage 50 and other programs

    It looks like you may be with the account 400xxxxxx924 for SWHL, I only see a 2018 version on there. The team can only assist with the most recent version (the 2021 version) for folks on an active support plan.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm Regards,