Back ups not working properly

Prior to the latest upgrade to I used to be able to back up to a flash drive - now it takes like forever I mean forever to process and then it does nothing

I have been able to tweak it to save it by clicking and then clicking again on the processing box then click wait for the program to finish

Why does it takle so long and am I the only one with this problem??

  • I am running 2021.1.1 on my laptop and on two different computers at clients' locations. Today I did a backup when I finished and in all three cases the backup to a USB key completed in a normal manner. One file was on Quantum and has at least ten years of data if not more, I didn't check. This back up took less than 2 minutes which is normal for this particular client.

    I have not experienced a slow down on a regular basis. If I get a pause in the back up I have found it to usually be caused by activity in the back ground which would slow down any program.