Invoicing accounts

I’m trying to input this scenario into sage 50

Cash purchase invoice
From - company
185/ month for 1 year car insurance policy
2,000,000 liability coverage
4,000 deductible
Terms: first month pay in advance
After that is monthly instalments

i can not seem to figure out what goes where in the invoice I am trying to fill in? 
how would I input this into the sage 50 invoice? 

  • Victoria:

    Create the purchase invoice for the initial payment of $185.00 and code(expense) it to vehicle insurance. On the second line under the description section type in $2m liability, etc. if you want to record that information. Once you have entered all of the information you want to record go to the store icon, select it, name the entry E.G. Vehicle Insurance and select the frequency of the recurring entry, save it, then post your transaction. In the following month use the recall icon select Vehicle Insurance and it will pop up on your purchase screen enter an invoice number and ensure the date and amount are correct and you are ready to post the entry. If you are unfamiliar with the icons you can access them via the expense menu item under store (Ctrl T) or recall (Ctrl R).

    Hope this helps!