Data missing on Reports

Entries that I post (since December 31) using "recurring transactions" are missing from reports.

I don't know if this is related to the issue but  -  I had to reinstall Sage, when I did an updated version converted my backup file.

2019 data seems unaffected. I make frequent use of General Journal Recurring Transactions. All entries made via the recurring transactions are not included in any reports.

I created a new recurring transaction and posted a test entry, same result - the entry in not included on reports.

If I go to Reports / Transaction Details / All the entries are there.

My data seems to be intact it just isn't included on any reports.

Any help will be appreciated.


  • I am afraid your message is a little confusing.

    the entry in not included on reports.

    If I go to Reports / Transaction Details / All the entries are there.

    Here you are saying the entries are not in the reports, but when you run this report, the entry is there.

    When you restore a file, assuming you restored it over the file that was currently your live file, you lose any data that was in the original file.  For example, if your file has 900 entries in the current year and your backup has 850, then when you restore you will have the same 850 entries but the last 50 will no longer be there.

    There are a few reasons things don't show in reports but I don't know which reports you are running, nor the type of entry you are posting so I can't help much.

    However, around 70% of the time, if your reports don't show you what you think should be there, then likely it is the dates of the report vs. the dates of the entries that are causing the problem (eg. you posted the entry on Sep 10 bur are running the report Jan 1 to Aug 31).

    If all the entries you are missing a General Journal entries, then hopefully it is just a date problem.  Run the Reports, Journal Entries, All report and run it by journal entry number.  You can sort by date and see if there are any entries past the date you were thinking they should be.

    If this is not the reason, please provide some more information about the entries, maybe a screen shot of the entry before it is posted.  Or if you can look up the entry you already posted that is not showing in the reports, show us the entry and the report you think it should be in.

  • This is one of the missing entries. It shows here:

    This is the "Supplier aged report for the same supplier:

    Supplier Expense Detail - Blue Cross isn't there:

  • Thank you.  Now it is more clear.

    The Supplier Aged Report will only show amounts owing to a supplier.  Based on your entry, you Debited the Medical Expense account but credited an Asset account called Ken.

    Because you didn't Credit Accounts Payable, there is nothing owing to Blue Cross.  Your entry to me says that Ken owed you money and he paid the Blue Cross bill for you.  Therefore you no longer owe Blue Cross the money and it doesn't show in the Supplier Aged Report.

  • Just spent an hour chatting with Sage support, they recommended that I escalate this. I'm going to do that. Thanks for taking the time.


  • I'm not so sure you need to escalate it.  I don't see anything technically wrong here with your program, only a difference on how it was entered vs. how it should be entered.

    Can you put into English what you are attempting to do with this entry?  Why did you credit the Ken asset account?  How was it supposed to be paid?  Who was the expense really for, Ken or the company?

    For example, if the company was supposed to pay Blue Cross, then Accounts Payable was supposed to be Credited.  Then you could cut a cheque or other payment that would Debit Accounts Payable and Credit the bank for $384.59 each side.

    If Ken was supposed to reimburse you for the expense, then should it have been debited to your Medical expense account if it was really for Ken and not the business?


    By English I mean something like this

    I am trying to record an expense that Ken is responsible for but I am paying it out of the company.  Ken will reimburse me by adding to what he owes me.