2020.2 Wont let me share companies

For the past week, we have been battling tooth and nail with getting this update to finally work. We previously were not able to download any shared company, now we can. However, with the whole change from Sage Drive to whatever this is now, we are not able to share anything. We get an error message. 

Unfortunately we have lots much time, and our companies need their reports. 

And ever since the update, one of our companies Balance sheet no longer balances. This is not possible.

On one day it is balanced, but on the very next day we dont balance, and are off by over $40,000.

Has anyone else been having these issues?

  • Same here and what did you do that you now can download and share?  I've been on for an hour and half this morning and another hour on hold after the transfer they did didn't work.  So frustrated! 

  • We have no idea how we got the download to work, lol. With our luck if we start sharing again, we wont be able to download it.

    We get the error message "Something went wrong. Cannot connect to Sage. Try again later" or to that effect. They should not be throwing anything new on to us without proper trials. I feel this was rushed, now we cannot do our work!

  • I have a very similar issue. My guess is that if the file was shared before the update, that is the issue. If you had stopped the share prior to the update, then updated, then re shared the file, that should work. I have been bounced back and forth between several Level 2 support staff, and I am now waiting for a call back from a data rebuilder person. 

    As i cannot wait for the call back, I was wondering if someone knows how to just download 2020.0 or better 2020.1 version, so I can go back and shut off sharing then download the update....