ODBC issue (works from Excel when sysadmin has no password but not when sysadmin has a password

Trying to connect to the Sage 50 Canadian (non cloud) database using excel through ODBC

MySql connector allow me to select the Sage50:COMPANYNAME.SAI file and the population of the correct path to the server and port 

Initial attempts with the sysadmin account and password fail with the following message

Access denied for user 'sysadim'@'COMPUTERNAME.DOMAIN.LOCAL' (using password: YES)

When contacting sage for support we went through an exercise to "wipe" all passwords and delete all accounts (other than sysadmin)

lo and behold I can connect with ODBC.  But all accounts and passwords gone.   If I set sysadmin to include a password it goes back to an access denied

Any ideas?