Customer deduting GST from our invoices

Hi all, 

Recently, we have came across that one customer (one of the leading stores in Canada) is actually not paying us the GST when they pay a lump sum on a few of our invoices. I went to the vendor’s portal and checking about the details... only then that I realize that they deducted all the GST form the invoices we sent to them and only paid us the price before GST. 

Can anybody show me how am I going to post this into SAGE as all the invoices we sent had GST included. For example: we sent $200 worth of product with $10 GST but this customer only paid us $200.

Thanm you in advance for any opinion or suggestion! 

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  • HI Tipsy5

    From what I have read in this thread there are not enough details about why the customer did not pay the full invoice. Best practices are to call the Customer AP person and find out  why the invoice was short paid. There could be many reasons. One reason could be because AP entered the invoice wrong and are new to their system..... I think you get what I mean. Who knows why, hence you call AP and then you can precede from there.

    Next you can show receipt of the payment or you can wait until you find out from AP from your Customer and then deal with it.  In the receipts module you can show partial payment on the invoice, and the remaining 10.00 would still be showing as owed. 

    MOST important of all CALL your customer and talk to the AP person and find what happened and why the invoice was short paid. Do not assume!!!!

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