ODBC Connection Access Denied (Password error)

Since we installed the latest upgrade for Sage 50 to Version 2018.0, we are unable to connect to the simply database with our third party software using a ODBC Connection.

Over the past 10 years I have always managed to make the appropriate adjustments as Sage software was updated but this one has me stumped.

On the advise of tech support, I have installed MySQL Server 5.7.18 and ODBC Connector 5.3.7 which is the version levels that Sage 50 uses.

The server start as a windows service "MySQL57" successfully, however fails when I attempt to connect using the ODBC Connector:

Connection Failed

[MYSQL] [ODBC 5.3(a) Driver] Access denied for user 'root'@' localhost' (using password: YES);

  • To my knowledge there is no root user in the database.  Have you tried one of the users on the Setup, Setup Users menu option in Sage 50?

    Remember, both username and password are case-sensitive when using the database from outside Sage 50, passwords are never longer than 7 characters and you must have the Third-Party rights set up to at least Read-only prior to connecting with a specific user.  The user also has to have the correct rights to the module in order to access the tables at the database level.

    Are you using the SDK and providing/using/referencing the proper new dll's for the new 2018 version of the Sage 50 Connection Manager and database?

    Have you changed your target .NET framework to 4.6.2 (assuming you are using VS)?

    I only have the Sage 50 installed ODBC Driver on my system and it is 5.2a (specifically 5.2.4 ansi which is installed with Sage 50).

    Lastly, through ODBC, the Sage 50 program should already have the file open in the program.  If the database is closed, the ODBC connection will not start it.

  • Just to clarify the last paragraph of your response:

    My understanding is that my using the Windows Service (MySQL57) opens the database and the ODBC Connector is used to login the user.

    Are you saying that Sage 50 must be running before I attempt to connect / login to the simply database?

    The Sage 50 software is single user.... Is that going to be a problem?