• Upload/Import customer payments to Sage 50

    Can you upload a batch of customer payments using excel or text file? I want to be able to tag a specific payment type, bank account and invoice that the payment should be applied to. Trying to find a way to bypass having to manually post and apply over…

  • list of outstanding invoices not showing up in customer

    In my customer list, a customer shows as owing money. When I go to 'receipts' under their account, the area where the outstanding invoices would be shown is blank. But, if I click randomly on the right hand side of the screen, dollar amounts show up.…

  • Alter receipt to show outstanding -DB query help ?

    After all these years the one thing still missing is being able to show customer/remind that there are OTHER invoices still outstanding WHILE entering the receipt which you have to do anyway when funds are received - with NO EXTRA STEP to produce and…

  • Payables payments

    my payments window is in the shadows and won't open fully to allow me to use it. I used it just an hour ago and now nothing. I tried closing, rebooting and still nothing. I click to open it and it opens in the bar at the bottom of the computer but will…

  • Cannot open database because the database engine reported an error

    I recently changed my data drive (E:) with two 3TB drives using Storage Spaces in Win 10 as one drive with replication (similar to RAID 1). I chose GPT as the format. Now I get a error saying Simply cannot open the database because the database engine…

  • How do I know if the connection to the database is open ?

    I´m working with sage 50 CA 2016 SDK, and i have a problem with database connection.

    When I run this code in a console application successfully opens the connection, but when I run the same code in a Winform application , does not open the connection…

  • Import Purchase Invoices (AP) from a text file.

    I want to import Purchase Invoices (AP) from a text file. The Knowledgebase says this:

    From https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=10186&sliceId=1&cmd=displayKC&dialogID=105647&docType=kc&isLoadPublishedVer=&stateId…


    Canadian Dollars 0.01 0.00
    United States Dollars -420.00 0.00 0.01
    Euro 0.00 0.00 0.00


  • Purchase invoice - Payment Method - import file

    I read through the "dev-import" pdf file, regarding creating an import file. I noticed that, for purchase invoices/quotes,  it does not mention how to add a line for a "Payment Method" and Paid by Source.

    Do I have to manually add "Payment…

  • Accounts Receivable not Balancing with Customer unpaid Invoices

    Trying to Finalize Historical Data 

    Cant get Balance of Accounts Receivable to Balance with Customers Accounts

    Have entered Historical Data for Invoice, Customer Report shows balance 

    when check Data Integrity amount entered on chart of accounts for A/R…

  • New to Sage 50 - Need help bringing over all old accounts from Simply Accounting


    I started a job on July 20th and was told that everything would be switched over to Sage 50 during my interview (she was using Simply Accounting 2012 and also entering everything on excel) and I got here on my 1st day and she was still using Simply…

  • Importing Invoices (.imp) does not contain compatible tax information

    I'm trying to import an invoice but I kept having this error "does not contain compatible tax information".

    I'have tried for many hours to setup the file, my tax and my items. 

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with my tax information…

  • Starting to use payroll remittance function middle of the year

    In effort to merge 2 separate databases, I've manually re-entered our payroll from beginning of the year. In the old database, remittances were paid through payables module. I would like to change this going forward and use the remittance function instead…

  • Merging two company databases

    I have one company split between two databases, payroll on one, and the daily entries on the other. It's been this way for many years until our controller, who handled payroll & taxes had recently passed. Our accountant has adjusted one DB to reflect…

  • Online payments I receive from rentals

    I receive online rent payments from tenants via: INTERAC email money transfer. Is there a platform in Sage 50 that recognizes these receivables and will record them under the proper tenants profile as I claim and deposit the e transfers?

  • How to retrieve the last Sales Journal and last Purchase Journal entry for a specific APARLedger using the SDK.

    Hi, this question pertains to Sage50 2014.3 SDK.

    I have been inputting Sales and Purchases Journal entries using the SDK 2014.3.

    Now I need to retrieve the latest [JournalDate]  (from purchases and sales) for ([TransactionType] = 0) and ([APARLedger] …