• HST - partial refund

    I haven't been claiming and ITC for business meals and travel expenses but I recently learned that I can claim 50% of the HST as and ITC.  How do I set this up in Sage to indicate that 13% tax was paid but only 50% of that tax is claimable as and ITC…

  • Remittance Error


    I have problem of paying the remittance for the month of December. 

    So, I updated our sage to the 2021.1 yesterday and today I wanted to pay the remittance for December. For a payroll of $44369.77, Tax $6048.36, CPP $2023.48, EI $611.19, if I click…

  • Foreign Currency

    Hi everyone, thank you for reading this and your help is much appreciated! We are a Canadian company, we invoice an American company in USD, they pay us in USD, which we deposit to a USD bank account. We also transfer USD from the USD Bank account to…

  • Payroll

    have a new client. in Vacation pay in his payroll is a line "Bal. Fwd. (as of Jan 01,2020) and it has a YTD balance 4 out of 9 employees. 

    I have not seen this in any of my other clients. Is this a balance still owing to the employee from 2019?


  • Charging Interest on AR invoices

    How does everyone deal with charging interest to overdue sales invoices in accounts receivable? I understand the process in sage, but am having a hard time with the amount of  manual work required to simply charge interest. It seems as though there is a…

  • The Accounts Payable in my Balance Sheet is showing zero

    Why is it showing zero and where do I have to look to check the problem. Thank you in advance.

  • Discount Applied on Fuel Surcharge (invoice only)


    we applied 18.25% fuel surcharge 'service' but there is a huge calculation and huge discount on the invoice proper:

    Looks quite different from the screen invoice We should just see $36.50.

    I looked at the Fuel Surcharge service for…

  • Interest on Receivables

    I was just wondering what is the standard Monthly Interest Rate  charge that you would enter when setting up 

    your Receivables.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You 

  • Interest calculated on past due accounts seem high

    Client is charging 2% interest on overdue accounts.  Sage says 422.54 in interest on the following invoices - on the 15th-day interest starts, ( not doing statements until Dec 31, so used Dec 31 as end of statement date).   I thought it was high, so calculated…

  • How to get HST showing on a sale invoice

    I am using a trail version Sage 50 and failed to get HST showing on a sale invoice even though the tax code ( 13%) has been selected. I have tried many ways but none of them is helpful. Kindly share your solutions with me. 

  • Fuel Surcharge as a percent

    Is there a way to have the system calculate based on the subtotal, as certain percent.  I am doing this manually now.

  • Posted Credit Invoice and Refund Questions


    Had  customer receive a portion of parts order.  I issued a credit invoice for the parts not taken by the customer, but when the customer paid they paid for all the parts on the original invoice,(which has been deposited and posted towards the original…

  • Cca rate for vending machines

    does anyone know cca rate and class for pop and snack vending machines?

  • allocating percentages to multiple accounts

    another question on this non profit client.    I have set up 5 different departments to represent the different revenue and expense type.  Within each department are several accounts.   It's the exact same set of accounts under each department (eg. I've number…

  • Both sales and purchase GST in the same sales invoice

    I have a situation where I need to have both GST collected and GST paid on the same sales invoice. The GST collected is calculating correctly on the gross sales amount and goes to the GST collected account. But I have not been able to figure out how to…

  • record 5% GST or 13% HST

    I have a client who is based in BC.  He was contracting his services to a company that used to also be based in BC.  However, this company has been taken over by one in Ontario.  Now when he is getting his royalty payment they are adding on 13% HST rather…

  • Setting up Payroll with Salary

    I've done a lot of research on this and can't find an exact answer. I'm setting up Payroll in Sage 50 Pro Accounting. The employee 'Income' list shows 'Salary' as an option. In the table there is 'Unit' (Period) and then there is 'Amount / Unit' and then…

  • Labour still calculating PST

    I did not realize this was happening until our bookkeeper mentioned it to me today:

    Our service for labour shows in Inventory as PST Tax Exempt. However, PST is still being calculated for labour. She said this happened about two releases ago.

    Our Sales…

  • claiming HST or GST only

    my client is in BC but went on a business trip to Ontario.   They charge 13% HST in Ontario but it's only 5% GST & 7% PST in BC.  Should I claim the entire 13% as an ITC or only 5%  which would be the GST portion?  

  • How can i create Invoice/statement in Receivables module if my client wants to withheld 10% of the Billed amount?

    How can i create Invoice/statement in Receivables module if my client wants to withheld 10% of the Billed amount?

  • GST Calculation Discrepancy


    I am having a small problem with the way the GST is calculating.  It looks like the GST is rounded on every item line which causes a discrepancy when you take the subtotal and calculate GST versus line by line.  Is there a fix for this?  Or is this the…

  • tax error - tax account not linked


    I'm new to SAGE and accounting in general but starting to get around better. I have  been getting an error message when trying to enter purchases in the GL.

    "This transaction uses linked tax accounts, but you have not entered tax information for…

  • Purchase Order prepayment can't be applied to multiple invoices?


    I've recorded a prepayment of $236.47 on a Purchase order, and one Purchase Invoice against it, totalling $108.45.

    The prepayment balance of $128.02 shows on the aged A/P Payable, in the G/L balance, and on the Purchase Invoice screen when creating…

  • FX

    I have sage 50 CAD

    when I do a trial balance it shows my USD AR as USD (28525) and CAD Equiv of CAD 203,525

    When I look at my receivables list, I have 152686 in USD receivable

    why does the trial balance show a negative FX balance

  • how to record a cash sale

    how to record a cash sale

    customer walks in, buys an item, pays with a cheque
    the order is sent to accounting for invoicing which is emailed to the customer

    the invoice needs to show a balance due of 0.00

    the options are

    turn on the 'paid stamp'…