Importing Invoices (.imp) does not contain compatible tax information

I'm trying to import an invoice but I kept having this error "does not contain compatible tax information".

I'have tried for many hours to setup the file, my tax and my items. 

Can someone tell me what is wrong with my tax information?

"UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION", , ,"102-3701 East Hastings St.", ,"Vancouver","British Columbia","V5C2H6", , , , ,
"2", ,"","11-15-2014", "3", "VISA", "66.65","0.00"

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  • I got it.
    It was a tax configuration error
  • Hello Scarle,

    How you solve the issue.

    I'm also facing the same issue,

    My format is given below

    "12001", "1"

    "Lucky",0, ,"102-3701 East Hastings St.", ,"Vancouver","BritishColumbia","V5C2H6", , , , ,
    "2", ,"IN-17","3-15-2020", "0", "Pay later", "300","0.00"

    I already added tax group which contain tax GST and its rate is 5% and non-refundable

    Could you please help me?

  • What exactly is your error message?  I see multiple problems here and while I've never imported a tax line that is non-refundable and included, I don't see a problem with the sales taxes the way you have described it.

    1) If your file does not include Mar 15, 2020 in the current fiscal year, then the date will cause a problem.  This may not be a problem for your sample testing but I thought I would mention it.

    2) You indicated Pay Later by a zero after the date.  Therefore you can't have a Paid by Source as "Pay Later" because you likely don't have a credit card name called that.  This should be blank.

    3) Your total of $300 doesn't match the line items. 88+136=$224.

    4) Your line item amounts don't add up eg. 2*45=90 not 88 and 1*140=140 not 136.

    5) You have indicated the tax is included, but the math doesn't match.