Importing Sales Invoices -- Must I confirm EVERY single mapping of an item?

This is getting frustrating. I was delighted to see that Sage 50 can import invoices from a text file. (sjaskdf.imp) , and so I spent a few days exporting invoices from someones' mess in QuickBooks OL, fixing it up and formatting it for import into Sage 50.

I was very careful to create a list of items to map to and the import file does not reference ANY items that do not exist in Sage. There are approx 40 invoices / month and many invoices contain up to 60 line items. Multiply by 12 months.

So, when importing, I discover that Sage import tool wants me to confirm EVERY item "mapping" even though there are many of the same mappings and all Item Name/numbers already are a perfect match for the list of Items in Sage.

At first, I thought it was "learning" and confirming the mappings, but it stupidly keeps asking to confirm the same mapping over and over again. There is no checkbox for "Don't ask me this again" .

Is there a way around this? Or am I going to be stuck clicking thousands of times to tell Sage something it already knows?

  • So, I was just chatting with online support and she said, not possible. But she did say it sounded like it should be possible and will make a suggestion to the coders.

    In pondering this more, I'm thinking the ideal way that "Import Sales Invoices" should work is that the tool prescans the IMP file for Item IDs and only displays a list of IDs that do not match what Sage already has in it's Item/Service list. Then, the user can map items with unknown IDs to existing Sage items/services, and once done, let the import complete unattended.
  • Forget your ideal method, though I like it, Sage hasn't change the programming in this area of the program since roughly version 9 when it was first released.

    I hate to say it but I believe tech support is wrong.

    Go to the Import/Export tab of each customer/vendor and turn on "This customer uses my item numbers on orders".

    This will work on subsequent imports of new customers/vendors but if the customer/vendor does not exist yet, then you will still get the match message, but the second time you import for that same one, it will honour the checkmark.
  • Wow, Thank you very much for that, Richard --- all imports I'm doing are for existing customers and this will save me bundles of time. Thanks, again.