Attend one of our Sage 50 90-min online seminar sessions, focusing on popular Sage 50 topics for only $49 a session

Attend one of our 90-min online seminar sessions, focusing on popular Sage 50 topics for on $49 a session

Time & Billing

Learn how to keep better track of billable hours and maximize your bottom line.

Attend our Sage 50 time and billing training course and learn how to:

·        Create time slips

·        Invoice customers

·        Pay employees

·        Run time and billing reports

·        Plus, more


Customized Forms

Making your mark with customized forms in Sage 50

Stand out from the crowd and see how simple it is to customize sales quotes, invoices, and other forms to give your business a more professional appearance. Learn how to:

·        Customized forms with the Sage 50 Form Designer

·        As well as, how to send customized emails from Sage 50 


Best Practices

Learn how to avoid mistakes, which will save you time and money when using Sage 50!

We have compiled the best practices from Sage 50 experts with many years of combined experience with the application. Whether you are starting with Sage 50 or you are an experienced user, becoming familiar with these best practices will help you avoid mistakes, and save you time and money. 

·        Storing the Sage 50 data

·        Sharing the data with other users

·        Automatic backups

·        The sample company

·        Updating records

·        Managing many years of data 

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Start the new year on the right foot with our live online Sage 50 year-end course! 

Make sure you are not forgetting anything for the new year! Learn how to tackle calendar and fiscal year ends. In each session we will cover the following:

·        Calendar year end

·        Updating employee records for the new calendar year

·        Generating T4 slips

·        Fiscal year end

·        Updating budgets and other records for the new fiscal year

·        Posting transactions in various periods

·        Plus, more 


Managing Budgets

Wish you were better at budgeting? No problem! 

Let Sage 50 experts help you! Learn how to create general budgets, project budgets, actual vs. budget reports, import budgets from Excel, and much more!

·        General budgeting tips

·        Budget setup

·        Account budgets

·        Exporting and importing budgets

·        Comparing actuals with budgets

·        Updating budgets

·        Project budgets

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