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Alert: Difference between Sage 50 CA 2023 Payroll Deductions and PDOC

A small number of customers are reporting differences between PDOC and Sage 50 2023 payroll calculations when the employees’ annual income is greater than $66,600. This is occurring because new in 2023, part of CPP (and QPP) reduces taxable income. In Sage 50, that tax deduction is annualized over the year, while in PDOC, larger tax deductions are taken in the periods when CPP (or QPP) are taken, and no tax deductions are taken when CPP (or QPP) are not taken. Though Sage 50 calculates the amount differently from PDOC, the end result is the same amount of income tax being withheld over the year. You can safely process payroll using Sage 50 2023.1 for the 2023 tax year.