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Action Required: Prepare for installing Sage 50 CA 2023

Over the next 2-3 weeks you will receive the download for Sage 50 CA 2023. Our call volumes are higher than anticipated due to the release so we want to share with you some tips so you can prepare for this installation.

Change your password in 2022 before you upgrade

Sage 50 CA 2023 now allows for passwords up to 126 characters! This is a change made to improve security. However, we are seeing many calls from customers who are unable to log into Sage 50 CA 2023 after upgrading.

Older versions only recognized the first 7 characters of any password that was entered. In order to avoid issues logging in after upgrading, please open your company(ies) in Sage 50 2022 and follow this Sage Knowledgebase article to change your password to something with 7 characters or less (example, test123). Once you have finished converting your file in 2023, go back to the Sage Knowledgebase article and change your password again to anything you’d like!

Are you syncing your active company files to the cloud? (e.g. Microsoft OneDrive and Drop Box)

If you do not sync your active company files in the cloud, please continue to the next topic – this does not apply to you. If you are unsure if your files are synced to a cloud service, please follow Sage Knowledgebase article ID 110264.

While Microsoft OneDrive is a safe and recommended place to store your Sage 50 backups, syncing your active company files to the cloud can cause issues for some customers. Shared drives, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Drop Box can cause duplicated files when there is a conflict with syncing the files. Cleaning out duplicated files from your folder before trying to convert will prevent this. Please see this video on YouTube for instructions on cleaning out those duplicated files. Failing to clean out your folder before you convert is likely to cause an error in conversion.

Set aside a little bit of extra time for the upgrade

Due to technology enhancements and changes included in this release of Sage 50, the installation may require several reboots. These enhancements also mean that your conversion may take longer than it has in prior years.

Missing Serial Number

If your Serial Number does not automatically populate you can click the link on the screen where it is asking for it. You can also find instructions on obtaining your serial number by following this Sage Knowledgebase article.

Q & A Live available

Join a virtual meeting room where our support team answers questions about this update in real-time.