Net Promoter Score or NPS - what is it and what do we do with it

Net Promoter Score was developed by Frederic Reichheld in his Harvard Business Review article titled, "The One Number You Need to Grow". The NPS theory is that companies with customers that enjoy their products and services so much that they are willing to recommend them to colleagues and professional acquaintances are more likely to grow.  

NPS is one way that we gauge your satisfaction and loyalty by asking the questions: How likely are you to recommend Sage to a colleague or professional acquaintance? Why or Why not?

Survey results are then categorized as follows: 

  • If a customer answers with a 9 or 10, they are considered a promoter
  • If a customer answers with a 0 to 6, they are considered a detractor
  • If a customer answers with a 7 or 8, they are considered neutral or passive

The NPS is then determined by the Promoter% - Detractor% = Net Promoter Score 

For example: 

Closed-loop feedback

At Sage, we've built a Closed Loop process that ties into our NPS surveys as we value the continuing dialog with you, our customers.  What is Closed Loop? 

Why is the NPS Closed Loop process important to us? We want you to know that we listen to you.  We take the time to read your comments and respond to your feedback, where appropriate.  We then take all the insights we've gained from you and turn them into improvements to our products or services. This allows your voice to guide decisions and planning. 

We thank you for taking a few moments to fill out these NPS surveys as you receive them, we do read them and they do make a difference. 

How is NPS driving change at Sage?

We currently have six NPS project teams representing the six largest product lines in North America:

  • Sage 50 Canadian Edition
  • Sage 50 US Edition
  • Sage 300 CRE
  • Sage 100 Contractor
  • Sage 100
  • Sage Timeslips

We also have three project teams representing re-sellers and accountants:

  • North America Business Partners
  • Sage Accountants Network, US
  • Sage Accountants Network, Canada

Each of these teams are comprised of Sage colleagues from various departments. In the future, we plan to add more project teams for additional products.

Beginning in October 2018, these teams reviewed your NPS Survey scores and each of your individual survey comments to identify and categorize your pain-points. We then prioritized these pain-points to determine which of these to address that would give you, our customers and partners, “the most bang for the buck". We then created action plans to address these issues to deliver a better experience for you, our customer.

For Example:

  • We’re improving and clarifying our billing communications
  • We’re streamlining our processes to ensure you get to the right people the first time
  • We’re diligently working to marry your questions to your answers more quickly

The above issues were recognized and are being addressed due to your NPS Survey Scores and due to your Survey Comments.

Yes. We do read these…