Owning Your Own Business Can Be Sweet

Owning your own business can be a sweet experience. As a new small business owner, Camille Kesler, a former non-profit executive recently became the owner of the SmallCakes Cupcakery. As the new CEO of her business, Camille decided on a hybrid-cloud accounting software solution that provides clarity on the business financials, while allowing her to maintain control of her business. She also stays connected with her business by using the Microsoft Office 365 and Sage 50c integration. Through the use of technology, as an entrepreneur, you too can run your businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Decadent smells of chocoholic, chocolate cream and pink vanilla thrill your senses as you enter SmallCakes Cupcakery-- a quaint little cupcake shop located in the heart of in North Druid Hills (a mini-eclectic burb of Atlanta, GA) that provides sweet treats for those that care to indulge…or like me overindulge. Small Cakes is owned and operated by Camille Kesler, a former non-profit career executive who recently decided to become a Female CEO. As a budding new entrepreneur, Camille is faced with the everyday challenges that new small business owners face: work-life-balance- juggling being “Mommy CEO” and the Female CEO, managing the financials of her business and enhancing her bottom line – getting more customers in-store and/or placing orders for those decadent cupcakes.

Entrepreneurs need 3 fundamental things to run their business efficient and effectively: clarity, control and connectivity.

Clarity: Every owner wants to gain visibility into how their business is performing—no matter the size – from solopreneurs all the way up to the big boys. It’s all about the dollars and CENTS that give you the company-wide business visibility regarding what you are spending and how or where you are spending it. Business intelligence is everything these days. Without that fundamental knowledge of basic cash flow, incoming and outgoing expenses, profit and loss; a business is dead before it can begin.

Control: Business owners like you want control. They want the ability to create and customize processes, systems and tools to make their business life easier. They want to work in a way that makes sense for their business. And they want immediate access to new applications, upgrades and downloads that aide them in being a successful business owner.

Connected/Connectivity: Nowadays, we are tied to our mobile devices! My feet don’t hit the floor in the morning until I have checked my phone! Probably an awful habit, but it’s my reality. Whether you work from your business office, work from the baseball field or during ballet rehearsal, as an entrepreneur time is money and every second counts. Having access to your business using tools, remote access and apps is the life line of your sanity.

And as a bonus, here’s a fourth fundamental factor---collaboration. Collaboration within your business is key. This is true whether you have employees or if you are a solopreneur and your collaboration is only with your accountant or bookkeeper. Keeping everyone involved in running the business on the same page is integral to your success. Your team can work together more effectively because everyone is seeing the same accurate information in real-time. As a new small business owner, Camille decided to use Sage 50c. It’s a hybrid-cloud accounting software which ensures that she has clarity around her business financials and maintains control within her business. She also stays connected by using the Microsoft Office 365 and Sage 50c integration that allows her to be away from her business and still connected by using Office 365 apps and Sage 50c shared services. And guess what? She can collaborate with her accountant because he has real-time access to her business financials using the Microsoft Office 365 and Sage 50c integration.

I challenge you to bring clarity, take control, stay connected and see the innovative collaboration that the Microsoft Office 365 and Sage 50c solution provides. It will truly make your business better…. after all, Business is Better with Microsoft Office 365 and Sage 50c.

View and enjoy Camille’s Journey to gain clarity, take control and stay connected to her cupcake business!